The Premier northeast installer of Radiant Heated Driveway, Walkway and Flooring Systems.  

Let us design and install a new heated driveway in Bound Brook NJ.  All of our designs are customized to your projects specific needs.  We build them to take on the toughest weather, we build them Northeast Tough.  

Licensed & Insured - In House Design - Service & Installation - Turnkey Projects

Installations in Bound Brook  NJ and the surrounding areas of your new radiant Heated Driveway, Radiant Heated Walkway or Radiant Heated Sidewalk should only be performed by a company authorized by a product's respective manufacturer.

We are trained and authorized to install every major radiant heated driveway system worth owning. Radiant heated driveways and radiant heated walkway systems requires knowledge in masonry, asphalt, excavation, milling, electronic controls, general construction, encapsulation techniques, a superior electrical background, in ground construction techniques and finally an attention to detail.

Please do not make the mistake of buying materials from a 1000 miles away from some online company. Online resellers come and they go. They will promise you excellent telephone and email support. These resellers will call you and email you time and time again pushing you, saying they are just reminding you that you have not yet placed your order. But ask yourself this: if the product and installers are that good, why do they need all that telephone and email support?

You could not possibly start a project off worse than buying pallets and pallets of radiant heat cable, radiant heat controls, reels and reels of wiring, sensors, electronics, in ground enclosures, sealants, anchoring pins, and more, only to have those pallets just sit in your garage.

Most companies will not even consider installing third party materials, never mind warranty them. The choice should be clear. Use an installer that stocks materials and knows what your specific project requires.

We are Snow Melt Inc. We are Northeast located. Our systems are Northeast designed, Our systems are Northeast tested. We are Northeast Approved! We are the premier installer in the tristate area. Check out our gallery of pictures showing small 30' walkways, 1000' driveways and 450 square foot balconies, snow and ice free.

Radiant heat cables for snow and ice melting can be embedded within asphalt, cement, pavers, block, tar & chip, bluestone, clay or porcelain tile. From a simple 20' radiant heat handicap access ramp to a 700' long radiant heated driveway made of asphalt, there is no snow melt system installation that is too big or too small.

A radiant heated driveway is permanent. You want it installed once and you want it installed correctly. There are specialty tools, equipment, procedures, and devices required. There are special NEC, BOCA, NFPA and IECC codes required to properly install a radiant heated driveway, radiant heated walkway or radiant heated balcony.

Installations of radiant heated driveways make winter time so much easier. No more chemicals or salting of your driveway. Choose a company that is ready for your project, not learning on it.

There are also special factory requirements and specifications that must be followed prior to, during, and after the installation of a radiant heated driveway, radiant heated walkway, radiant heated sidewalk.

We have methods authorized by the factory for which only we have been approved.

There are requirements that must be followed in order to keep the warranty for your new radiant heated driveway in force and to insure trouble free winters.

We install radiant heated driveway systems in all New Jersey, Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Rockland, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Pike and Monroe counties. Install a radiant snow melt system this season.

Does your driveway have a severe incline? Is the incline compounded with a bad turn or two? Some of the most severely inclined driveways in the tristate area are now navigable once we installed a radiant heated driveway.

You may want a simple radiant heated walkway to your driveway for deliveries or for family visits. Perhaps you have a balcony you wish to keep Snow & Ice free. Perhaps you've just become tired of snow blowing, shoveling and spreading chemicals.

A properly installed Radiant Heated Driveway will most definitely provide you and your family a safer, more enjoyable winter.

We install throughout the tri-state area including Bound Brook NJ

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