SnowMelt Inc Hits Page 1 of Google In Just 1 Month Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization At Work In New Jersey And New York

It's amazing how easily google can index your website when it's coded properly and when it knows about your website. It's not uncommon in the first month of a search engine optimization campaign to see results very quickly. This sets a great base for continued success, but it's the months after where the real fun comes in.

SnowMelt is now on page 1 on Google for the search terms "heated driveway installation new jersey" and "heated driveway installation new york."  In New York, SnowMelt is in position 4 and 5 out of almost 8 million search results. In New Jersey, SnowMelt is in position 2, 3 and 4 out of 4 million search results.

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Local Search Engine Optimization Is Key

Being from Northern New Jersey, SnowMelt works within a certain area. Local search engine optimization techniques were going to be key to getting business for SnowMelt. The website originally had a small amount of text about where they did business but it wasn't specific enough.

I recommended that they list all of the cities in the areas they work in.  Even further, to create different pages specifying exactly what they have done in each town and what they can do in that town. When you are looking for services in your area on search engines, you are going to include your city or town.  There is no reason to look up a heated driveway company in California when you're living in New Jersey.

XML Sitemap and Site Submissions

When search engines don't know your website exists, it's much harder to get your content indexed.  The generation of an XML sitemap and submission to all of the big search engines and directories will allow SnowMelt to get indexed more quickly on key search terms. The directory submissions will provide high quality back links.

In just 1 month we have seen great results, but the success of a search engine optimization campaign is based on continued analysis and optimization over time. Want to move your website to page 1 of Google? Give me a call at 732-925-4044 or fill out the contact form to get started with your search engine optimization plan.

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