Heated Driveways

Installation of a radiant heated driveway for some is a necessity due to an extremely steep incline.

Some of these inclines are downright dangerous and not just an inconvenience.

This driveway has an incline of over 32 degrees in some areas plus curves.  A 4-wheel drive with snow and mud tires could not reach the top in bad weather.  Again, some installations are born of necessity. This was one of them.

Other radiant heated driveway installations provide other functions. Such as with a paver or chip and tar driveway, keeping the look without the scraping and damaging of the stones by snowplows, shovels, chemicals and landscapers.

Lets face it - you spend $12-$25 a square foot to install pavers.  Who wants to see them all scraped up and damaged?

In other cases, it could be a health issue.  Perhaps you or a loved one has had one too many falls or a broken bone or been too badly bruised.

And in other cases yes, it is a luxury item where you do not need to shovel or deal with the cold, chemicals, snow blowers or waiting for the landscaper to plow so you can get to work.  How about dealing with 4" of solid ice days later?

Just waking up in the morning and seeing the driveway pad in front of your home without snow and the tracks leading out of your radiant heated driveway to the street all clear can really start a morning off right.

As an investment you can't beat it and here's why.

If your driveway has an incline to your home and your neighbors comparable home for instance is for sale and their property is on a level lot, your home is most definitely at a disadvantage to sell compared to all the others without a dangerous incline.  This is a home improvement with 100% resale value.

Now could someone just fall in love with your home?  Yes, we agree, absolutely!

But, if you can offer your home on that incline including a radiant heated driveway or radiant heated set of tire tracks, well now you have a competitive edge should you wish to sell. Imagine the look when someone says the home is great but what about the driveway in the winter?  Its so steep?  Smile and show them pictures of it all cleared of snow. Now that is a closing edge.   Sell your home spring, summer, fall or winter.

If you have a street level driveway and it is made of pavers, chip and tar, brick or even a nice new asphalt driveway you may just be tired of all the shoveling. Some people will pass on a home because it has a pool, why?  Because perhaps they do not swim.

They may pass on a home because it has a tennis court, why? Because they do not play tennis... But really, who do you know that is really excited about shoveling snow and clearing ice?

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