Bluestone Walkways

                                                    Would you just look at this picture. Is it not absolutely beautiful?


This is a brand new bluestone walkway heated with a separate sensor from the driveway zone.


This system is embedded within the cement mix to provide a uniform hot plate effect to heat the bluestone.


Friends - Family - Neighbors - or a Friday night pizza delivery no issues, no snow, no ice.... just your beautiful walkway...


We can install one for you as well using bluestone, pavers, cement, tile, asphalt or bricks...


There's a definite formula to installing under any stone base that has a mortar seam and/or a sand or concrete base. The density of the aggregate plays a crucial part in the installation.


Small zoning can achieve big results.

Why heat a whole driveway set of tracks that may be possibly 100' to 1000' long for a 25' long walkway. that some snow has drifted onto? Go Green and zone it!


Perhaps you mostly use your garage entrance or mud room to enter your home in the winter, but would really like the possibility of melting the snow or ice for special occasions for your front entrance. By zoning the small areas you can shut it off manually with a simple little switch if you're not using your front entrance or any other type of entrance.



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