Heated Balcony

Radiant Heated Balcony installations whether installing new or replacing a system that was installed improperly by a competitor is no problem. The picture below is a competitors system, it was installed so poorly it actually lasted only one snow event.

One snow fall, not one season, not one year.  IT ONLY WORKED ONCE!

Usually balconies are over a living space, and the damage done by a system designed to keep ice from damming up or excess snow from creeping behind the flashing can be extremely expensive. Do it right the first time.

Wires are burnt through the insulation and melted, see the damage below.

We couldn't find one foot of radiant cable that did not have a burn mark.

Because the system was installed improperly the balcony buckled causing water damage below as well

Install it properly the first time.  Use factory authorized installers.

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