Customer Survey

This is not a marketing survey. 

This survey will help us better understand your request, the property and the existing mechanicals available for use. 

The questions are designed to help us to provide you the most accurate quote possible.

Whether we are installing for you an extremely green (99.85%) efficient demand only type system or a less efficient (84.00%) oil or gas (fossil fuel) type, we believe in using as much of your available existing infrastructure as possible.

Typically the electrical and/or gas service that would be used in the summer towards your air conditioning, swimming pool, sprinkler pumps and other summer seasonal items can be used for your new radiant heated driveway.

You should have a system designed to run ONLY for the time needed.  This is called a electric radiant system.  Extremely green when compared to the conventional hydronic designs that keep your driveway, walkway or other areas warm during the winter days, weeks and months even when there is not enough moisture in the air to produce Ice or Snow.      

A properly designed system will stay off for the days, weeks and months it is not needed, even if the outdoor temperature is below freezing. 

The temperature could even be -20 degrees or +20 degrees and the system will stay OFF unless the sensor believes there is enough moisture in the air to create an ice or snow hazard.  But if there is not enough moisture in the air, the system stays completely off.

Now of course, should you spot a snow drift due to wind or perhaps a small ice build up somewhere due to sun melted snow, you can always very easily turn the zone you want on for an hour using either the provided LED switch, timer or provided APP.

Finally you can get your packages delivered, order a pizza, get fuel delivered, have friends over or should you need it (and we truly hope you do not) emergency services can make it to your home.


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feet long by feet wide

If possible go to your breaker box, open the door, there are breakers on the left and the right, at the very top is one big breaker if you use a flashlight or your cell phone light it will have a number right on the handle it will read 100, 200, 225, 400.

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Site Review Fee:

The site review fee is $75 for most counties in NY, NJ, CT, PA. Once paid we will prepare a project file and arrange to visit the property. We will measure square footage, we will map out all items of interest: gas lines, water lines, electric locations, utility locations, conditions of the existing walkway, driveway, (balcony roof lines if applicable) as needed, locate elevation issues, turns, drains, egress issues for possible designs. As well we will provide you an emailed cost range quotation with possible options. Should the quotation range meet with your approval we can then move ahead to the design and contract stage. The site review fee shall be credited back towards your contract.

Invoice For Site Review Fee:

An invoice will be emailed to you for payment by credit card for the site review fee. If the site fee invoice is not paid within 10 days we will archive the file until you are ready to move ahead.

New Construction:

If your project is new construction (residential or commercial) with blue prints/engineering our flat site fee is $75.00 for residential and $95.00 for commercial. For print reviews residential or commercial pages 1-5 is $75.00, pages 6-10 is an additional $50.00 and for commercial reviews up to 10 pages there is a flat fee of $175.00. Prints/Drawing/CAD/Emailed/FedEx/USPS are all acceptable.

Note: Normally our schedule is filled by July 15th each season. For those wishing to be installed for an upcoming season our advice is to book as early as possible. Even if you do not have finals yet, or plans you can pay a schedule fee to the office to be put on the floating schedule for same season installation.

Note: Additional tolls if any will be charged to your credit card once paid by our men. Should you have any questions please call our office at 973-728-5745.

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